Gino and Giles

Gino Strada in conversation with Giles Duley, introduced by John MulhollandAn evening of photos and words about the work of Emergency, with Gino Strada, founder of Emergency and Giles Duley, photographer. Introduced by John Mulholland, editor of the Observer. Gino and Giles will first be introduced by John. Giles will then show photographs of Emergency’s work in Sudan and Afghanistan, discussing the images with Gino. Then a more general discussion about Emergency’s ongoing projects, needs and plans for the future, this will be done in the form of questions from Giles. The public will then be free to ask questions.

On show the artistic installations made with Mario Balotelli, Gino Strada and Giuseppe Tornatore’s shoes. The creations are made by Maria Jole Serreli with Damjan Komel, Tommaso Pensa and Fabio Costantino Macis for “In Your Shoes”, an artistic project to support Emergency UK, in collaboration with Nadia Spita.

The money raised through the sale of the artworks will be given to the EMERGENCY Paediatric Centre of Bangui.

Gino and Giles Flyer

In Your Shoes is coming!

In Your Shoes will be officially presented in London on the 29th of January 2012 during the Italian Art Festival, a series of exhibitions on Italian art organised by Nadia Spita that will take place form the 17th to the 29th of January at Vibe Gallery.

The closing day of the Italian Art Festival will be entirely dedicated to In Your Shoes. In Your Shoes staff and EMERGENCY UK staff together with the trustee Gianuca Cantalupi will be at the event to illustrate in greater depth the project. The first two artworks, Fabio Costantino Macis’ video and the artistic re-elaboration of Mario Balotelli’s shoes by Maria Jole Serreli and Damjan Komel, will be pre-viewed at the event.

ImageArt Caffe London

Italian Art Festival in London

Art Caffe Londonis organising a special night on January 29th 2013 dedicated to Emergency UK and its new charity campaign and 2013 Art projects, at Vibe Gallery in London.The director Fabio Costantino Macis will present a new spot for the Emergency UK campaign, and a sculpture from Emergency UK’s new Art project – In Your ShoesThe project ‘In Your Shoes’ will be revealing a new sculpture that incorporates football boots kindly donated by Manchester City’s striker Mario Balotelli !

They are now launching a free competition for video makers to create a short film (length has to be 150 – 180 seconds). All the short movies selected will be presented during the special night.  The theme decided is SHOES’ and the ways that people use them.   The representation and the ideas about SHOES are completely up to the artist.

 LaNotizia (The bimonthly magazine, online and on paper, directed by Salvatore Mancuso, a professional photographer based in London. This publication has, in short time, attracted the attention of more than 10000 users, and it covers the interest of readers by creating a cultural bridge in all fields of knowledge.)

The In Your Shoes project was born from the creative mind of Maria Jole Serreli and Emergency UK’s love of art. This project involves Italian artists and international VIPs that have agreed to donate their own shoes and to join the Emergency UK project that is keen to promote its own activity and cause through the medium of art. The project has attracted celebrities such as the Manchester City striker, Mario Balotelli, who has already donated his shoes. All the shoes will be transformed into artworks by international artists, like the Slovenian Damjan Komel. All the proceeds form this campaign will go to Emergency to sustain the Pediatric centre in Bangui (Central African Republic).

Nadia Spita